Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big Paws to fill

Is this the face of a canine that can replace Bandit's big shoes? We'll see, but she's doing a good job so far. We started thinking of getting another dog about October, but postponed looking due to my father's illness. But, it seemed like a good time now. I checked out our local pounds and the Humane Society and found " fudge" and her brother "gingerbread" at the latter. As I came through the door and asked to see Fudge, another woman was hot on my heels to see Fudge as well. Then a married couple walked in also to see Fudge. Apparently the puppies pictures were on the website of the Humane Society. All of a sudden I felt this mad rush to fill out the paperwork and bring Fudge home. Her dad was a Chocolate Lab and her mother a mini Border Collie. So she'll be a smart frisbee catching, water dog digging machine.

After days of tossing around names like Gretel, Strudel, and Lucy, Rick suddenly remembers the 70's tv show Battle Star Galactica had a brown fluffy robot dog whose ears would rotate, anmed Muffet. And just like that, the name stuck.

Muffet took to the kids immeadiately. She follows them, tries to jump on the couch with them, bites their toes to get them to play with her and uses their toys as chewies. Auntie Robin found 3 Zhu Zhu pets for us for Christmas, but apparently she didn't know she was buying them for Muffet's enjoyment. Muffet can use her paw to whack them into the "on" position. Then chases them all over the floor.

Adeline has a love-hate relationship with Muffet. Sometimes she wants to walk her, sleep with her and feed her, and other times she picks everything of hers up off the floor and keeps saying" that's not a toy mubbet" Since she can't say Muffet yet. I think Bandit would be smiling down from heaven at our new little fudgy puppy and say " It was time to move on."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Is it really Christmas?

This was the title of the puppet show my brownie troop put on for their parents yesterday afternoon. Half thegirls were trees they decorated and the other half were angels they made. Then the girls drew out of a hat to see what part they would be. Emma was Angel #2( She brought the gift if Forgiveness) I have 10 girls this year and here we all are with my co-leader Shannon.
Here is Emma's angel

Emmy and Jenna starting the play and giving the introduction

The trees all made fun of the Poplar tree b/c she was different looking and no one would want her as Christmas tree

Penny Poplar and Suzie Spruce. I love being the Girl Scout Leader and wouldn't give this "job" up if you gave me a million doll hairs. Next semester we will start the careers badge and the Gulf Shores badge. I see a trip to the Gulfarium and the newspaper plant in our future.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Chorus Program 2009

Emma joined chorus in September and scared me the first time she went. Since we switched schools and are still getting used to the carlinein the afternoons, it came as a huge shock one afternoon at 2:00 when they called Emma's name and Emma never showed up. They called the front office and they didn't have her, neither did her teacher. It took about 7 minutes of panic to figure out with the help of walkie talkies that Emma had taken it upon herself to join chorus and just trotted herself over there after school that Tuesday. Thanks for taking 5 years off my life Emma Roo.
They were required to wear white shirts and black skirts or pants. Her favorite songs were Lights of Hannukah and I don't wanna grow up. They sang about 10 songs, like Frosty the Snowman and O Holy Night( which surprised me at a public school), but we are in the bible belt.

Here is her favorite song Lights of Hannukah, she even figured out the notes today on the piano to the chorus of this song. Next semester she has the chance to enroll in drama club. I think I'm really loving this school!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some happiness in November

Even though this November brought with it horrible sadness, it also had some happy times. Getting a chance for the kids to see their cousins was a much needed treat. My sister Robin had the idea, that once we started to head back to Pensacola, they would drive along with us and maybe we could take a detour through Savannah and Orlando. These pictures are totally out of sequence, but here are some of the highlights of the trip south. At a Mexican Restaurant a balloon man made Adeline a princess crown. Here we are starting the 7 hour trip back home from Disney.
While Robin was able to get free media tickets for her and Mark to Disney for one day, we used our military ID's to get 4 tickets to SeaWorld instead. So, we split off for the day and had fun as a family seeing Shamu, letting him soak us at the 12:00 show with icy cold water and then sitting in wet jeans for the car ride home to Pensacola. No one wanted to sit in the "Soak Zone" since why would they?, it's November and it's cold. But, they were awesome seats and we lived a little.

The man controlling the carousel was an old crotchety man who yelled at me for taking pictures and then forced me to wear MY seatbelt on the ride so I wouldn't fall off and break my head open. Then the woman behind me got up while the ride was slowing down, so he came over the loud speaker yelling at her to SIT DOWN or he'd kick her off.

In Savannah at one of the many city squares. The 2 cousins crammed together for a ride since their little legs were so tired. Marjorie was almost bit by a homeless man's dog and I saw a Kevin Spacey lookalike from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The Polar Express Arctic Experience. It smelled like pine trees in this room, the next room smelled like sugar cookies.

We stopped at Lady and Sons in Savannah, that is Paula Deen's signature restaurant. We needed 10 people in our party to make a reservation, so we lied and said we had 10. Then just as we checked in at 2pm, we snagged a mother and son from Indiana that were looking for a seat, to sit at the end of our table and join us. Here is Marjorie and Mark

We got her buffet and boy was the fried chicken and squash casserole good. Then we all got the gooey butter cakes for dessert.

Our newst niece little Vivian

Robin's last day in Pensacola, I bought Marjorie and Adeline( 1 year apart) matching dresses and fixed their hair the same. We went to the beach, since the nieces have never been to the ocean yet and made sandcastles.