Sunday, March 21, 2010

What to do when you are BORED

Go on a Cookie Walkabout and sell Thin Mints
Dig a giant hole in your backyard with the help of your brother, a shovel and the dogs paws

Go to Flounder's on the beach, meet some old friends and enjoy the sun

Reece had a Toy Story kite

Addie got Brobee and her's hands down was the best flyer

Friday, March 19, 2010

Run for the green beer

Every March the weekend before St. Patrick's Day our local Irish Restaurant McGuire's has a HUGE 5K run and then a free drink fest to honor St. Patty. This has become a tradition in our extended family. Rick's sister and her husband Christian have managed to make it 5 years running and no end is in sight. I have run it twice now, but this year I actually maintained a decent jog and only had to walk it a few paces. I managed to finish in 33 minutes. This is a FUN RUN and people come dressed as large leprechauns, Storm Troopers, Giant PortaPotties, you get the idea. Well here is Irish Fairy Jackie, leaping with sheer joy. People run this race for serious time, others push strollers and still others bring along large Bloody Mary's and just walk the entire thing. You have 1 hour to finish it.

The post race parking lot free for all. This year 11,000 people raced, and then we all cram in the parking lot next to the restaurant for free green beer, Irish Wakes(orange juice, vodka, and other stuff) , root beer floats, Irish Beef stew and Krispie Kreme doughnuts.

Alright a few posts ago on my sisters blog she caught a glimpse of the green man in Pullman near her college, AND look how far he's come just for this race

Rick and Christian run this for serious time, while Emily and I just try to stay ahead of the Marines and Navy that run in formation while chanting jodies in deep booming scary voices. Run Jackie Run

Rick right after running the race

Rick shortly after

Thanks again guys for a super blast of a time, see you again next year. I say we go as the cast of Jersey Shore next time

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just call me a lush and tuck me in

Is it possible to drink your way through Disney? Why yes! And give your child a beginners course on the finer art of salt rimmed Margarita licking techniques while using the nasty table salt shaker, sure.
You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, BUT just don't act like you are married to him while on vacation

Step One: Sign up for the Disney Dining Plan
Step Two: Go with your best friend
Step Three: Use the coloring sheets they provide at the restaurants to distract the youngin's
Step Four: Don't make eye contact with the weirdo at the bar who is on his honeymoon( but with no wife in sight) who is making fast talk with you
Step Five: Order the most foo foo drink on the menu and try not to fall onto the monorail's track when you finish this drink

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1 Chicklet down 31 to go

Chicklet Teeth has been my little loving nickname about Emma's teeth, since most of her friends have been losing teeth since Kindergarten and Emma has only had 2 pulled out from the dentist. We had yet to actually "Lose" a tooth until this morning! She has been snaggletooth here for about a week with that front tooth. She could entirely close her mouth and the tooth would just sit on her lip. She actually let me tie a string around it last night, but then she started hyperventilating and drooled the string out of her mouth. So, crying herself to sleep last night about the horrible possibility that her tooth would come out in her sleep and she would choke on it and die, she woke up this morning completely forgotten about the tooth drama.
Then while starting her bowl of grits while watching Tom and Jerry, I hear a holler and " Where's my tooth, it fell out and I think it's in my grits." Well, it was actually in her pajama top, but it had just fallen out with no tugging, pulling or crying, just gravity. Hurray baby tooth. That was one happy proud little Emma Roo that went off to 3rd grade today with a giant gap toothed smile on her face.