Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Performances

Adeline was a sweet little lamb for her Living Navity at her preschool. Just in case you weren't sure, they included a sign.

The 3 year old class processed down the church aisle, next the 1 yr old angel class came in and when a little girl spotted her parents and started crying, the domino effect ensued. Within 30 seconds, the better part of the preschool was screaming.

The Pensacola Christmas Parade

Emma asked to play the Christmas duet with mom, and back in August that seemed like a fine idea. However, one week before the recital, mom started freaking out. This sweater dress, makes me look way bigger than I really appear in real life. But just close your eyes and listen. A father also played with his 2 little girls and another mother played with her teenage daughter.