Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girls and their hats

Emma has this pink plaid Fedora hat that she uses for her Magic Shows, as a dress up hat for when she is a secret spy and just to look ultra cool out on the town. However, the hat brought her some bad luck this past Saturday. She was riding her bike downhill while wearing her hat, the hat started blowing off in the wind, she broke too hard, fell over the handle bars and in the process broke her left arm. We didn't realize it was broken until Monday afternoon, when after 2 days of cradling her arm and complaining of pain, we got the x-rays and confirmed that it indeed was a "buckle fracture". This new cast will be on for a month and then she will be as a good as new.
Adeline and Abigail- the best rootiest tootiest friends this side of Snakehollow Gulch
Just watch out for Bad Bart, Adeline, sitting next to you ready for his trusty sidekick Stinky Pete to steal the fabulous looking cowboy boot cookies.
Violet's Dad made and decorated these cookies- believe it or not!

Outside they had Cowboy Don show the kids how to lasso a baby cow and then got to ride a horse. Adeline came home telling both Rick and I that she rode the white horse. Turns out from her teacher, that she didn't ride ANY horse, she was a chicken little, just like a Parrish

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Serious about getting those stripes

Tiger Rock has become our new favorite place to get out our aggressions. Mr. John is the instructor and is fabulous with the kids. Here Emma is practicing her kicks, she tells me the different kinds, crescent kick, high kick
Not to be outdone, Reece also prepares to murderlize the sand column he is envisioning as his writing homework. His hair was butchered a week earlier by our favorite barber, Armondo. Darn you Armondo, you went too short

Since this picture, Emma has gone on to earn her "forms" stripe and her "escapes" stripe. She just needs her stances and she'll be ready to test for her yellow belt.

Look at that monkey claw of a left hand. We went to Chick-fil-A for dinner after class and the cashier told Emma he wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. He also brought our tray of food to the table making the airplane noises with his mouth and said " coming in for a landing", so I think mom wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley either

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pirates Invade Preschool-Ahoy

Here is pirate Gus with 2 little pirateers that he discovered hiding out in Miss Meg's classroom. They made treasure maps, anchors and had a pirate snack.

Here is our littlest pirate Adeline, waiting with dread and fear of Pirate Gus about to arrive. Even though, she sees him almost every day as Mr. Gus, there is something about a Dad in a pirate hat that sends shivers in a preschooler.

When Pirate Gus arrives, he pounds on the door to announce his arrival and see the surprise on the little boys face next to Adeline.

Pirate Abigail has no fear, as the pirate is her Dad. Adeline doing her morning circle time as she waits for the pirate to land