Sunday, December 30, 2007

A day at home during Christmas Break

Today Emma got her 1st pair of roller skates. We cleared the kitchen area of all road blocks and let her go crazy. She starts slow and then gets going until she slams into something like a chair or couch. Reece follows her everywhere and looks up to her so much. He got his first shiner on Christmas night. Rick loves to rough house with the kids now that they are old enough. Wrestling, horseback rides and UFC moves are all involved. But, apparently all the fun ends when a child jumps from 5 feet up on a couch onto daddy's pointy elbow. He has a blackeye now right below his left eye. Poor little guy. Adeline had her 1st birthday a few days ago. She has Emma's same gap toothed grin and curly Q hair. She wants to do things herself and gets mad if you prop her up on the furniture to stand, she would rather do it herself. Well I am off to list things on craigslist and ebay.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Emma's first day in first grade

Today we took an excited child off to school. Yes excited, because all last year Emma had seperation anxiety. So, to have a little one actually excited to see her friends and do classwork was happiness for mommy. She wanted to bathe last night to be " clean and pretty for Mrs. Glass." That's her new teacher. It takes us 20 minutes of driving 18 miles to get to her school, so as we were driving away Rick and I realized that if we stay here in Milton, we'll be making this drive for the next 15 years there and back again. I think I definitely need a Porsche Cayenne or Land Rover plush edition if I'm to be doing this that long.