Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Grandma comes for a GREAT VISIT

Great Grandma arrived with a smile and an eager attitude to do something every day while in sunny Pensacola. I took her out to the beach near Ft. Pickens one morning and look at the blue-green turquoise colors behind her. She spent her afternoons soaking in our pool or sunning herself on the patio. She drank coffee while watching the cardinals at my birdfeeder and watched the kids ride bikes in the cul-de-sac from the front porch.

Adeline invited her to Mother's Day Tea at her preschool. Grandma was thrilled and dolled herself up for the occasion. A three generation picture. Grandma found a tiny preschool chair and made herself at home. She enjoyed the Mother's Day snacks and listening to the teacher read a story the kids had written about what their mom's do best.

Adeline and Abigail were having fun giggling and showing us their room

Pink cookies, wedding cookies and strawberries for the mom's and grandma's

Grandma looks over Adeline's work from the year, and asks her questions about what she likes about school and who her friends are

While watching the news one evening, we heard that the Blue Angels were putting on a special demonstration for the 100th year Centennial of the base. Grandma said she had never seen an air show before, so we packed her up on a cool morning, and took her to watch the Blues.

Grandma kept yelling " Judas" every time they got close to one another, and would look to Rick as if to ask " Were they supposed to be THAT close?!"

The Coast Guard put on a Search and Rescue demonstration afterwards and then we stayed for the Harrier as well. Grandma loved all of it

The temperature was a cool 50 degrees and windy, so Grandma was snuggled in and those guys behind her were selling Krispy Kreme, so we had to buy warm doughnuts.

Grandma came to every Tai Kwon Do class, every swim lesson and anywhere the great grand kids were. Thank you Grandma for creating lovely memories for us and enriching my children's week with funny stories from your childhood. Your memory is amazing and the time with you was priceless. Thank you for making the trip down to see us.