Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our trip out west begins with VEGAS

Rick was able to priceline us a 4 star hotel on the south strip of Vegas for $60 and got the MGM Grand! Amazing, especially driving up to it at night and seeing the entire green hotel lit up. The kids were so excited. Only thing our room stunk like an entire can of lemon lysol had been unloaded in there minutes before our arrival.

The MGM lion in the entrance. This hotel really was pretty amazing

The temperature the next morning was 107 by noon and we headed right to the pool. The kids were waiting for the lazy river to open, but our time in Vegas ended before we could enjoy that. Plus Adeline refused to get wet(she is still very afraid of pools, including ours) so she just sat in the firey heat and melted. So I couldn't see letting my youngest perish, so my older two could get their swim on.

Adeline swelters in front of the cabanas which were like little oasis's in the desert, equipped with tvs, full bars and comfy lounge chairs. I tried to carry her into the water once, and from the amount of screaming coming from her, the lifeguard was giving me "mean mommy" looks, so I stopped

I took the kids to the Grand Buffet that morning and was almost not going to pay for it from the expensive prices. But, then the cashier hooked us up and only charged me for Emma. Well, after hoovering down home made corned beef hash, bacon from England and quiche... she made her way to the dessert table and never left, except to refill her plate. I figured for that price if the girl wanted 3 chocolate mousses, then go for it. She savored the little dark chocolate decoration on top and let them melt on her tongue.

Even though we didn't get to see any other resorts, the kids were perfectly happy having stayed the night and seen the bright lights and big city atmosphere, even if only or 10 hours on our brief overnight. On to San Diego in the afternoon to spend the week with our good military friends the Baldwins.