Sunday, September 25, 2011

Surfing, USS Midway and Father's Day 2011

These pictures complete our trip out to San Diego in June, this is my old, fabulous friend Suzanne from Cleveland as well. Her and I have been friends for over 10 years and are soul sisters in so many ways. I had a wonderful time with you guys, even if it was only for a few hours. But, now they live in Tampa, so we have to see them more often.

Oceanside Beach, the kids were brave enough to get in the 68 degree water and swim, surf and make sand castles....Mason, Reece, Ethan and Emma


Adeline chose to stay up with Mom and stay warm by wearing every adult clothing item she could find

Rick rented a wet suit for an hour and after he tired of surfing, he took all 4 kids for a few turns in the cold Pacific waves. This is Emma waiting to catch her 1st wave

The USS Midway, was a cool tourist stop. The kids had a blast, but, of course the place they wanted to go most was the gift shop. Doesn't Emma look like the girl from The Christmas Story in line waiting for Santa?

The kids loved these life size air ground crew members to stand in front of

Ahhhhhhh Emma was sucked in to the jet intake

On the top of the Midway, sunny but beautiful, about 70 degrees

Mission Beach after enjoying a fantastic Mexican Restaurant with the Baldwins

Awwwww pretty boobles

Balboa Park in the heart of San Diego, Miss Jackie had to treat the kids to some dippin dots to eat in front of the beautiful fountain

My BFF Becky and I in front of the Hydrageas, eat your heart out Madonna, they are my favorite flower you uppity b*****.

In the very center of Balboa Park is the International Villages, only open Sunday afternoons. We lucked out and they were just opening when we got there. Each village represented a Eurpoean , Middle Eastern Country, or Asian Country. We had to stop by Poland first. And each cottage had samples of authentic food to try. We had a Polish cookie and juice from Poland, kinda cinnamon flavored, the kids didn't like it.

Inside here, they had Kolache filled with apricot. I had to give a small donation to that cook, they were delicious, and Emma and I devoured them. France had salami and crackers, England had tea and biscuits, and Germany and apple strudel. Too bad I was still full from In and Out Burger.