Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where the hell is Mt. Rainier?

Ok, so our trip started with pipe dreams involving hiking, snow, feeding marmots, showing the kids the 2nd largest mountain in the lower 48 states. But then reality set in and we soon realized that the summer starts later in the northwest and everything we wanted to do, was impassable, closed or being renovated. So, after totally pissing off Mark and Robin with our ever changing plans involving Mt. Rainier, cabins and camping, we settled on seeing Snoqualmie Falls and going to Mt Si for the hike in the rain. This picture of Rick and the kids on a big moss covered rock is a TRUE depiction of what most of the northwest resembles, just minus a 8 inch long banana slug. No wonder Edward and the whole Cullen clan chose to live in the gloom of the 10 months of gray skies in Seattle.
Emma was brave enough to traverse the toppled tree to prove herself as a real explorer alongside daddy. They were at least 10 feet above the ground and she needed to low crawl to get out there. I refused to let Reece try it.

The Seattle Sculpture Park in downtown and like a big open playground of giant metal art minus the fun. For real this place was boring

Rick and Emma stopping the walls from closing in

The Pike Place Market Pig on a true rainy Seattle day. The pig sits right in front of the famous fish throwing vendors and the kids couldn't believe the size of the salmon and gooey ducks. Can you tell how much Reece hated the smell from the fish everywhere in Pike's Place? Look at his face.

A passer-by on the trail up to Mt. Si was nice enough to take our family picture.

The great masterpiece The Thinker, only Rick is too silly

Snoqualmie Falls in North Bend, Washington. Gotta love the northwest and getting drenched every time you step outside. I'm sorry to say that even though I love Florida, I would trade it in a heartbeat for Seattle. Am I crazy?

The famous orange Pike Place sign. Ok the next blog is all about me and my quest for coffee

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our time near the nuclear power plant

Ok, so maybe that title is a little deceiving, BUT Hanford the nuclear power plant where they enriched the uranium for the Enola Gay, is only 50 or so miles away. Robin lives in the eastern part of Washington State and we spent the first part of our 2 week trip to the great northwest in Richland. So, here is how we spent most of our free time. Reece became a true couch potato, not even bothering to change out of his underoos, even by lunchtime, so he could battle Lego Star Wars on the Wii.

Robin treated me to an afternoon of wine tasting at Terra Blanca, and 2 other wineries. This one had a beautiful location. Apparently I'm a bit of a white trash wine connoisseur, as my tastes gravitate towards the sweet, fruity wines on the far side of the taste lists and one wine owner actually said to me, " So, you flew all the way out here from Florida to just drink the sweet wine?!" I didn't realize it was a slight until Robin informed me I better start trying something that wasn't 20% sugar. Fine, I'll steer clear of the Ice Wine for one trip, but you can't stop me from smuggling home a bottle of Late Harvest Reisling in my luggage.

Visiting the Playground of Dreams in downtown Kennewick. Reece wasn't so sure of how high Dad was pushing this thing

It rained all afternoon right up until we pulled into the parking lot.
The matching cousins. Adeline is trying to be nice and give hugs, but they were having a love-hate relationship this afternoon all revolving around a princess telephone and WHO got to play with it.

Our super cool Aunt Robin took us to her news studio and let the kids try their hand at forecasting the weather and reading the teleprompter. Adeline felt the need to eat pretzels while on tv.

I think I'd tune in to this news station, with these anchors I just know the news will be interesting. It might be all about Indiana Jones, fruit snacks and potty humor, but hey who doesn't like toot jokes and fanny's that blast off?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh let's start with a birthday

Well, our 2 week trip to Washington State kicked off with Emma turning 9, Rick and Robin also celebrated their birthdays that week and Mark happened to be the week before. Since Robin had the Giant Cupcake maker I decided that Emma could use a fairy toadstool for her cake. Mommy took her to get her toes painted blue and green and then Daddy took the whole gang bowling that evening.

Uncle Mark showed Marjorie how to work the metal rails

Adeline of course wanted nothing to do with this nosiy sport

Reece I wouldn't smile much either if I was wearing those shoes

Aunt Robin had bunko at her house that night so while the guys took the kids bowling, her and I enjoyed kiwi sangria, melted brie cheese and I ended up winning the top pot of the most bunko's which was a first for me.

Our youngest niece Vivian. Emma blew up all her balloons and then personalized them for all the cousins. She spent most of our trip "army" crawling all over the floor, trying to ride her princess scooter or eating.

Emma's fairy toadstool

Nothing like family to help you celebrate your birthday. My kids were in absolute heaven everyday waking up with their cousins and the new environment that Aunt Robin's backyard held. Little Badger Mtn was directly out their backdoor and even though it was covered with thistles and scrubrush, Emma and Reece would scale the 60 degree angle hillside, dust covered and filthy, but full of smiles. Indiana Jones was the theme of all their adventures in the rocky hillside.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let the summer begin.......

Reece volunteered our pool for his end-of-the-year preschool party. Yeah Reece. All 11 kids, their parents, 2 teachers and a lifeguard teenager were all there with bells on. We ate pork butt, baked beans and apple slices in sprite. Try it, it is delicious. This picture was the pose before the great boy leap of doom

Ok, so I got on this Al-Qaeda website for Girl Scout party games and found this gem.

So you take a 2 liter, and have 2 teams fill dixie cups over the poor girls face until the bottle is full. The Girl Scout version of waterboarding, but they LOVED it!!!

Our end of the year summer bash at Quietwater, with blue umbrella cupcakes, Hawaiian flowers and water snooper making

A glimpse at resort Parrish, coming soon the rope swing attached to the leaning Palm of Parrish