Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Girl, You Better Work It, Do your Thing

Get ready New York, Miami, Paris and Milan, here is the next
Super Model to grace the pages of French Vogue and Cosmo!
Since Adeline dropped off the growth charts completely for her weight
back when she was 15 months, Dad and I decided to use her waifness
to our advantage. We'll start with buying her the pumps for babies
so she can practice walking around in 7 inch heels and then start buying
fake lashes and a subscription to Anorexic Yearly magazine.
Here she is at her 2 year well baby check up, the nurse is
trying to get a height on her, but she thinks she's getting shots, so she is panicking. Unbelievably she is in the 85% for her height
and negative 1 million for her weight
I make Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look like Jabba the Hutt

The smile that's a little sly, mischievous and oh so endearing

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Adeline Noel

At 1:10 a.m. riding out on a water slide
Adeline Noel entered our world and became our
third child, second daughter, and first baby born since
Grandma Wojtanik became Angel Grandma

The drama queen is born- is it the blob? Or maybe
Godzilla? Could be a flock of ravenous birds? No, it's
the Elmo balloon she picked out herself not an hour earlier
She moved in with tongue out, before we could even
sing to her. Our camera speed wasn't quick enough to catch
the tongue

After we sang Happy Birthday the tongue was back

Putting together my Inch Worm with Daddy

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yo Parrish Parrish

I guess every generation of new toddler needs a kids show with some scary ass characters. A few years ago it was Barney, then came Telly Tubbies and the whole gay tubby drama, next came Booba's , the British weirdo's that make farting noises and for Adeline's age child, it's Yo Gabba Gabba. There is a black DJ named DJ Lance who wears a giant fluffy orange hat that resembles what the Wicked Witch of the West had her castle guards wear. Then there are 5 crazy THINGS that each have ridonkulous names. Foofa, Brobee, Muno, Greg, Marsha, Jane and Cindy. Ok I tease, but they are strange. Not only do they look funny, but they sing the most mind numbingly repetitive songs that a 5 year old would go insane from. They only have effect on someone under 3. I don't think saying Let's brush our teeth 10 times in a row, constitutes being defined as a song. Then I think they decided Stupid Human Tricks was a good idea on late night tv, so why not see if it works on toddlers. So I have been witness to a child who can make his belly roll using his stomach muscles and a girl who can play the flute with her nose. If this is what makes my little girl happy, than by all means, let's go buy her every POS out there that has Yo Gabba Gabba on it. Here is the amazing singing talents of my two daughters in the Yo Parrish Parrish band.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Christmas Chaos

Each time the kids ride in Daddy's truck they demand the Indiana Jones theme music. This progressed into wanting to see the movies and then into getting the whip and hat. So weren't they thrilled Christmas morning to open up the sound effect whip and the cool derby hat. Now each child has to be Indy in turn and likes to smack Mommy and Daddy with the whip. It is made of cloth and has a cool cracking sound and then the theme music plays. I love that someone thought of the idea to start making boy dress up outfits, so when it comes to playing make believe, they have cool stuff to wear also.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angels we Have Heard on High

This week was the WEEK OF THE CHRISTMAS PROGRAMS! Daddy wasn't going to be able to see either Emma or Reece's performances, as he was going to be gone all week. But, a stomach bug on Monday brought that trip to a screeching halt. He returned green around the gills Monday afternoon and after a day in bed, was able to see both kids programs. Reece was a shepard in a live nativity at his Preschool. He carried a little lantern. very cute- the picture above is of Reece with his little best friend Jake Miller. Jake has a sister who is Adeline's age named Abigail and they love playing together too. Emma's program was Friday and her class sang O Come Little Children and Angels we Have Heard on High. The parents got some good laughs out of how big the kids opened their mouths during the GLORIA ORIA ORIA, since you have to use one huge breath for the whole verse. This picture is Emma with Jenna and Haley.
Now that school is out, we begin sleeping in late, the carefree days of hanging out and playing all day, making our Christmas cookies, and looking forward to Christmas morning. I realized yesterday that Christmas was a little lopsided for one child versus the others. So Reece was going to have a very merry Christmas and apparently Emma and Adeline were getting the shaft. Daddy aka Scrooge wanted to decrease the Reece overload rather than supplement the girls underload. But Mommy won out and battled the " Rus"( that's short for Toys R Us ) on the Saturday before Christmas. Let me just tell you how many dads were in there with that lost, helpless look in their eyes, wandering the aisles hoping some perfect gift would jump off into their empty carts. Or better yet, a helpful mother would kindly direct them towards the popular toys of the season. They see the names High School Musical Three, Hanna Montana and Bakugan and are lost. Poor wait to the last minute Daddies. I have to add this as a last thought, earlier this week as I was leaving the Wall of Marts, I happened upon a strange sight. A man-boy of about 20ish walking across a busy intersection with a sly smile on his face, shoeless, sockless and carrying a stack of Dungeons and Dragons card in his hand. He smiled sneakily at each of our cars as he passed while we waited for the light to change, like he knew something we didn't about why he was smiling. Like maybe he was the Unibomber or maybe there was a funny reason as to why he had no shoes on in winter. But whatever the reason for his smile, the guy in the truck next to me looked over at me and we both gave the "WTF" look and then the light turned green.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Meet Moxie

Here is the newest member of the Parrish Family. Moxie Crimefighter Parrish. A grey Manx kitten that came to us via the Escambia County Animal Shelter aka the pound. She is about 3 months old and adorable. The kids have already fully fallen in love and she sleeps with them tucked under their chins. She is loud, spunky and lives up to her name. Cinder hates her and Gatsby our 23 pound GINORMOUS male is scared crapless of the kitten. If he only knew he could probably eat Moxie for breakfast, but he would rather hide in the closet than confront the terrible Moxie. Bandit on the other hand, does want to eat her, I think he thinks she is a hamster.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Reece Report

Another installement of famous Reece quotes:
December 8th- bedtime-
Mom: Alright everybody time to brush your teeth
Reece: I've decided that I will only brush my teeth, on Halloween, Christmas and Saturday

While playing a game of Guess Who -
Emma: Reece does your person have glasses?
Reece: No
Reece: Does your person have a beard?
Emma: No
Emma: Does your person have poofy eyebrows?
Reece: No
Reece: Does your person have a Mustang?
Emma: I think you mean mustache

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Celebrity Sighting in Pensacola!!

American Idol hopeful Sanjaya was spotted teaching a toddlers tumbling class in early December in a remote location of the country. Since making it as 5th runner up on American Idol 2 seasons ago, his whereabouts have been unknown, until now. Thanks to one of our loyal viewers for sending in this exclusive footage of the teen heart throb. The video tends to put the focus on the small adorable blond haired lad, but the real motive was to not look obvious while filming this elusive crooner. Still sporting the now infamous fauxhawk, he really got into his job. He thrilled the young children with running round-offs and stunts on the trampoline that would rival that of Brayshnikov and make all adults watching roll their eyes. Sanjaya you may not have become our new American Idol, but the way you work large amounts of hairspray and mousse has been inspiration enough.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful for Family

We drove the 10 hours up to Fayetteville this year to see my Dad and Annette. The kids tolerated the road trip and only asked about 500,000 times when we get there, which is down from our Disney trip in May which totaled somewhere near a million. The turkey was deep fried, the ham sugared, and the green beans casseroled. Everything was just the way I would've handpicked the meal. Including the fact that there were 5 desserts to choose from. Pumpkin Pie, Apple Cake, gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate torte and banana pudding. Why make the choice I say, there is too little time and not enough room left in my stomach.
The merriment of the few short days included a few pivotal games of chess between Rick and myself. I still believe he cheats when you are not looking. An endless game of Battleship from the 80's with missing pegs between Grandpa and an Emma who kept moving her boats around( I think she takes after Rick ie: cheater, cheater, pants on fire)
Watched Wall-E and listened to Addie say in a high pitched voice all night WALLLLL- EEEEEE.

I had to include this picture of Emma. We were out for a walk and she found this great hill on the golf course. She went for it and just rolled her way down the long green. This was snapped in mid rotation.

Grandpa Wojtanik, Jackie and Emma enjoying 3 of the 5 desserts

We roasted marshmallows the last night and it was chilly and toasty. Perfect for a fire. Reece apparently wanted to play Indiana Jones b/c he took a flaming marshmallow on a stick right out of the fire and then left with it and said he wanted a torch.
Thanks for a great time Grandpa, can't wait to come back again