Monday, January 31, 2011

Potter, Cucumbers and Sleepovers

This week was literacy week in school, Wednesday I went to read a book to Reece's Kindergarten and then Friday was dress as your favorite story book character. Both of mine chose Harry Potter Characters. Reece is Harry and Emma is Hermione.
The good news was that most of Reece's class also dressed up, there was an Olivia, 3 Fancy Nancy's and 1 of the 101 Dalmations. The bad news was that Emma's class didn't dress up, EXCEPT Emma. Poor thing, she walked in, with me right behind her, and when she realized no one was dressed up, she ripped off the cape, shoved it in her backback and asked me to leave. I told her class, she was Hermione, and they all started shouting " Put it on, Put it on!" I've scarred her for life.

January Girl Scout Spa Day - we had mini facials, manicures, and hair up dos. Here is Emma, Haley and Franny getting their relaxation on

Hair was next and Emma asked for something like Lady Ga-Ga. That girl is 100% diva

So, the Hyde sisters are 1 yr apart and Emma loves both of them. Well, you can't just invite one to spend the night and not the other. Haley was in Emma's St. Paul's class and then transferred to a public school the same year we did. They live about 15 minutes from us, so when we see them it's an all day event. Barbie time

Friday, January 21, 2011

Girls like dinosaurs too

Our first day down in Orlando last month we went to downtown Disney and couldn't believe our good luck of getting into the T-Rex restaurant. The other times we have been, the line is 2-3 hours long. So, this was Adeline's birthday lunch. They have moving dinosaurs, jellyfish, woolly mammoths and a meteor shower pass through the ceiling every 20 minutes. The walls turned red and the ground shook when it happened.
Yo Ho Yo Ho A Parrish Life for me.

We did Sea World while we were there, but only because it's free for military families. Our kids won't do any of the "big" rides, so we just enjoy all the shows and the penguin and shark exhibits. This time we did the Stingray Encounter and made all the horrible memories for Rick come flooding back of slimy skinned Stingrays, attacking him. Our favorite show is the cat and dog show, where perfectly orchestrated animals go through doors, hatches and ride in cars, all with no human interaction. Our best time seeing this show was 2 years ago when a dove got loose, and when a cat came out for her performance, spotted the dove and the whole show became a fiasco

Shamu Express leaves the station, no turning back now Emma and Daddy

Adeline insisted on riding a sickening ride called Ocean Commotion, here she is as the ride starts

And here she is mid-ride
Notice the difference?

The ride must've knocked her senses out, b/c we told her to stand in front of the penguin and have a picture taken, but she trampled her way into the flowers and stood half on and half off his back

When Reece saw the flamingos behind us, he said, take my picture by the pink pecans. I think that's a combination of a penguin and toucan

Every afternoon Rick treated the kiddos to ice cream from the lobby. The pool was heated, thank God, b/c the air temperature was around 60

Emma made a friend of a Canadian boy her age who was here on holiday. He stalked Emma the whole trip and would jump into the pool when she was there, exit the pool when she left and stand near the shuffle board and stare at her when she came outside.
Dora on May 6th- after hard partying at her Cinco De Mayo party

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And it all began with a mouse.....

Our latest trip to Orlando didn't include the mouse this time, so we were less stressed, rushed and actually enjoyed our time leisurely taking in the simpler things around Disney. Like these chocolate dipped caramel apples in Downtown Disney- me likey

New Years Eve spent at the Polynesian Resort overlooking Lake Buena Vista, the Magic Kingdom and fireworks! The kids couldn't have had a more awesome place to ring in the New Year than here.

On Guard, prepare to meet your doom. Your doom comes in the form of three adorable half pints bearing Mickey Mouse swords and smiles with missing teeth.

On our way back to the car post fireworks, and Emma just climbed up on the wicker deer in front of the military hotel Shades of Green. Before we could yell at her, we snapped a great picture of her that could easily be the cover of a Narnia Novel. Princess Emma and the Rogue Stag.

In downtown Disney our budding magician, the Great Emma Roo, was invited to come " behind" the secret wall and see how her magic trick is performed before she takes it home. The other kids in the magic store were green with envy when Emma was getting whispered to, how to stuptify everyone with her magical ability

All played out at the end of the day and sleeping like three little angels all pig piled together in a pull out couch. They'll look back at this someday with fond cuddly memories

Took this picture special just you for Marjorie. Sending some sleeping beauty wishes and hugs your way little niece. Auntie Robin I think a Disney trip is in the near future for you guys, now that Marjorie is starting to " get it"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adeline Noel is 4

Having a birthday that falls right after Christmas is never going to be the same as if it were 6 months later, long after you haven't had a present or toy in ages. Also, it's so close to a holiday that most friends are gone visiting relatives or too busy to come celebrate. But, Adeline's 4th was shared with her closest friends and a delicious chocolate ganache cake. Yum!

So, you weren't our first born and maybe you weren't born during a hurricane like your brother, but you are the baby and the sweetest little charmer to complete our family that I could've wished for. Secretly I was hoping our third would be another girl and when the ultrasound confirmed that you would be our Adeline, I cried tears of happiness. You are so much more independent than your siblings have ever been, wanting to dress yourself, brush your hair and walking without holding my hand in the parking lot. But, you still wait at the top of the stairs when you wake up and say, " uh" "uh" until we hear you and come to sweep you up in a koala snuggle to carry you downstairs. You want your hair pushed behind your ears while you close your eyes in bed and love smashing the cats down so you can cover them with Addie love. When your brother is in school, it's your favorite thing to ride in his car seat, like it's a special privilege. You love to help me load the wash machine and also look for fleas on Big Gatsby. I laugh while watching you dance along to Britney Spears on the Wii and you really can do the moves. As each year passes, my heart aches a little more to watch you growing up and reaching the same heights and milestones that were just passed by Reece, only 2 years ago. Please slow down and let me savor your cuteness and be able to carry you when I want to feel like you are my baby again. Because before you know it, you will be like your baby giraffe sister who I can't carry or like your heffalump brother who weighs a ton. I can't believe that my baby is 4. When you start Kindergarten I think I'll have to sit in the grass outside your classroom and watch you so I don't feel lonely during the day. Happy Birthday Adeline, even though birthdays are a happy occasion, for a mother, it's just physical proof that you are slowly growing up and will be a young lady before I know it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Christmas Morning I'll wake up bright and early

Be the first one out of bed, with the mistletoe above my head.
This is the real creche that is in front of our church. The 5th graders held a live nativity here. Adeline refused to be the "baby Jesus" in the crib for this picture
The fire Christmas Eve, Emma set out the cookies and we read books on the couch

7:30 was the wake up time with Reece up first this year. Again this year, Emma savored her gifts, content to watch others open things, being the elf that passed out mom and dad their gifts and helping boobals open her things. However, Reece again was programmed to search and destroy. He opened everything with the letter " R" on it and then came to the sad realization that nothing was left but girl gifts. Adeline was better this year about opening things and not stopping to play with everything, but she still had things under the tree to open later in the afternoon.

Hurray, something Dora related. Dad and I were soon to find out that Adeline was silently wishing for a Dora House. So every gift opened came with the answer " this isn't my Dora house" " this isn't it either" " where's my Dora house?" Sorry Adeline, there's always next year

Cool a clock that glows in different colors so she can see what time to go to bed and STAY in bed. And an awesome watch from Miminet to wear to school.

Ok, somehow or other my kids always seem to wind up partially dressed, without shoes, or completely naked. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive Adeline. I'm not really sure why she's not wearing a top

Alright here are the favorite gifts this year
Emma : her stilts and the cowgirl cap gun
Reece: Lego Hogwarts and DSi
Adeline: Barbies, princess bike and doll