Friday, May 28, 2010

2 graduations in one week?!?!

Muffet graduated "Puppy Kindergarten" this past Sunday from PetSmart, but I think it was mostly because she attended every class, NOT because she learned much of anything, unless she expected treats from the teacher. Way to go Muffle Ding Dong

The bigger news from Reece graduating his little preschool and moving on to kindergarten. Here he is posing with Backpack the Penguin at the entrance to his school, we posed here in August at the beginning of school, wow does a year fly

Waiting nervously to walk up, say his favorite thing about school, tell what he wants to be when he grows up and then receive a fake rolled up blank sheet of paper.

Reece said " getting stickers" was his favorite thing about school and he wants to be a race car driver, but he has never once said that to us. Mostly his goals fall into ice cream truck driver, helicopter pilot and garbage man. Way to go little Reecers, I teared up when he started walking down the aisle to the commencement music, but then pulled it together for the rest of the ceremony.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's not as easy as all that........

The title of this post was her 2nd line in the play. She has been practicing since January for this production and the day of the play was full of Emma drama as well. She had a coronary that her costume showed her underpants and that during and after the play the entire crowd of onlookers would only be discussing her underpants. After finding a pair of bike shorts that perfectly matched her outift, the stress left her face and she could resume her part as an acrobat.

Before her part doing cartwheels, she told herself quietly " Come on Emma, this is your one chance to do a really good cartwheel." And I guess the silent pray paid off......

Monday, May 3, 2010

A three year olds perspective of a ding dong

Here is the three year old
AND here is the ding dong

This is Muffet aka muffles aka snuffley muffs aka muffle ding dong, she hangs with her peeps in the backyard digging for truffles, watching her bling sparkle in the Florida sun and trying to find words to rhyme with the phrase " Can I sniff your butt?"

Adeline snitches my camera and then pictures just start showing up- some of her pastimes include forcing herself into doll cribs, strollers and collecting the cats to lock them in her room to force them to play hotel.

Notice the powerful jaws on this beast, watch as she hones in on her prey, the small tail less manx, unaware of the brown monster that silently watches from the bottom of the stairs for the perfect moment to launch her gangly muscled form into a sprint to hopefully get one mouthful of grey kitten, before her momentum carries her into the wall to end in a furry heap on the floor.