Monday, June 13, 2011

June starts with mad crazy birthdays

Rickapalooza kicked off summer with our pool party tribute to the man that is Ricardo. His younger sister Emily drove over from Jacksonville and left her mark on these cupcakes that became her masterpiece after 1 hour of decorating and slaving over pull and peel twizzlers. Only problem was the kids avoided the twizzler cupcakes and opted for sprinkles ones that were less complicated to eat.

Aunt Emmy took her nieces and nephew up to their favorite location on earth other than Disney World.....Toys R Us and let them pick out a toy. Wow, what a great aunt

Just as birthday festivities start dying down, don't look now, but Emma Leigh turns 10. Her breakfast request, was pancakes with strawberries, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and bacon. You got it, Emma Roo, with a side of hashbrowns and a smile

Emma sporting her new cool girl hat from Aunt Robin. Hats are her staple signature and she wears them with STYLE. Just don't go breaking your other arm while wearing this one, girly.

On her birthday she wanted to go to Sonny's Barbecue for lunch. I guess that idea has been mulling around for awhile, because it seemed like a random choice, but boy can that girl put away some pulled pork. She invited her good friend Maria and the McDavid's joined us. Emma couldn't wait to get home and try her new laser fingers in the pool. They light up with LED lights.

That weekend when Daddy got home, we took her snorkeling and swimming out to Ft. Pickens and she decided to create a sand sculpture. Here is Emma with her swordfish out of sand

We then took the Sea Monkey over to Peg Leg Pete's and found the marina, docked and had dinner in our bathing suits, while the kids played on the playground, used the restaurants fishing nets to catch a crab and then enjoy grilled shrimp and Bushwhackers. It was hotter than Satan's bathroom out there and no fans, just chocolaty flavored liquor to cool me down.

Emma and Reece waiting on corn dogs and fries. We were serenaded by a band called Three Amigos the Duo. The kids watched some men fillet a few snapper and were grossed out

Emma's Slumber Party took place Sunday with girls from NB Cook and Girl Scouts. Rick rigged up a zip line minutes before girls started arriving. Emma couldn't have been happier. What a wonderful childhood they have

Grace, Ashley, Rachel and Maddie waiting for the rope swing and their turn to play Indiana Jones

The girls were having so much fun outside, with a bubble machine, the disco ball and the pool that we didn't have cake until 10pm. But, the Pralines and Cream Baskin and Robbins cake couldn't wait forever

Make a wish for another amazing year, maybe for one of the male teachers next year in fifth grade or to get a chicken for your future farm.