Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothings Changed

A month has gone by since I posted last and yet for life here in Pensacola things remain pretty consistent. Adeline forces me to take her double jogging stroller with us to Walmart so she can push her babies she had as an underage mother out of wedlock. Notice her cat shades from Sonic
Rick tackles the giraffe pen only to come back with war paint in the form of Poke berry juice

I had thyroid surgery in mid- October and came through with flying colors and a nice scar to create wild stories about such as a knife fight with a fellow soccer mom over whose son is the cutest

Emma is the eternal drama queen and strutted her stuff in the 4th grade production of Beautiful Pensacola in their version of Wipe Out

And Reece continues to make friends and have fun in Kindergarten. Here is his teacher who weighs all of 90 lbs. dressed in the firemen's outfit while on our recent field trip there.

We walked the mile from the school to the station and then the mile back, through the hood, over 2 major 4 lane roads and past abandoned stores to see where firemen sleep, eat and pee. I feel like that trip will sustain me the two years until Adeline makes the same jaunt there.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Soccer and Seafood Fest

September brought with it new sports, cooler weather and school. Reece has never tried a contact team sport before and the first practice was classic. Him crying NOT wanting to put on his shin guards, then realized he also had cleats, so the tears started again. Then when the first game started this weekend, I had to threaten him with going naked if he didn't put on this jersey. We were in the Honda with underpants and socks until we got to the soccer field. The first practice went something like this- Reece refusing to let go of my hand, the coach having the kids run back and forth across the field, so mom ran back and forth across the field attached to Reece. They played Sharks and Minnows, so Mom had to play sharks and minnows still attached to Reece. When he is 20 I hope he laughs at this.

In his defense, he was semi-aggressive for his first soccer game and actually enjoyed it thoroughly. He kicked the ball a few times. Ran after it to try and score a goal and was able to kick an out of bounds ball back in. He was in desperate need of a haircut here, but still cute

After soccer we head straight for the Seafood Festival in Seville Square a Pensacola Tradition. The kids activity area is the draw for my kids, God forbid they actually try some of the seafood. This year though, I pulled out Bizarre Foods Jackie and forced them all to try Alligator kabobs on a stick. Adeline actually had thirds and Emma liked it. Reece acted like I was feeding him ferret feet. They made sand art, Adeline didn't grasp the concept that you could use lots of colors and filled the whole thing with red

Emma got a butterfly on her face covered in glitter, then 10 minutes later wondered what was itching her face, only to have her rub it off accidentally and cry about it

getting in the spirit of fall and asking for a pumpkin- we did sneak in a quick hair cut between soccer and seafood fest, can you tell? After the kids area we ran over to the bleachers to watch Splash Dogs compete. While there found the next dog we are getting. A chug, it's a cross between a chiwauwahu and pug. Soooooo adorable