Thursday, August 25, 2011

California girls and boy

My first trip to San Diego and I couldn't resist my 1st trip to In and Out Burger. Matt's choice on Father's Day for lunch. Good choice Matt.

I got the cheeseburger, but Rick kept the secret of the Monster Burger to himself, until AFTER we had left. It's not on the menu, but if you ask for it, they put everything on a giant burger. Dang. Thanks Becky for documenting the 1st bite for all of times sake.

The Baldwin's backyard is amazing with stonework, gazebo's, tiers and a this incredible fire pit. Reece doesn't even like marshmallows, but every kid is a pyromaniac when it comes to open flames and a stick. Sorry for goobering up your rocks Mr. Matt with all our dropped charred gooey masses. Notice Emma, yes, it was actually cool enough in June for a sweater and long sleeves.

A triple really Emma? I have a feeling those were eaten by me.

The San Diego Zoo has a safari park about 30 minutes from San Diego, BUT 5 minutes from Becky. Yippee. We took the tram tour and found out that baby giraffes can't straighten out their necks until they are 2 years old. You coulda put this little guy in your purse. Don't you just want to poke him in the haunches?

The boys lost no time in reacquainting, but I think Mason is having himself a personal problem going on :)

You can't pass a giant metal rhino without sitting on him. The weather was perfect here and such a relief from the east coast humidity.

We went to MiMi's cafe for breakfast and ordered giant muffins and eggs benedicts. I haven't had that in years. I kept forcing the kids to pose for group photos, you can see Emma's already sick of them. We would spend an entire week in San Diego, saw another old military family from Cherry Point and had lots more fun. Pictures will come shortly