Monday, November 9, 2009

Red Flag

Category 2 Hurricane Ida is heading to the beach, so what better way to spend the afternoon after church then to pack a lunch and see how big the waves are. From the beautiful blue sky you would never think the following day a tropical storm would blow through. Here is a classic Adeline silly face, she makes her eyes slits and smiles

Reece spent the afternoon making sandcastles in the shapes of DisneyWorld rides. I was going to break down and pay the $12 for one of these wind blocks you see those people sitting under, but since we only stayed about an hour, we just faced our backs into the wind and hunkered down.

Emma couldn't get over how BIG the waves were

The Sea Gods were angry that day and had churned the serene picturescape into a grey, frothy, soup of whitecaps topped with brown swirls of dark sand brought up from the bottom and spit out on top.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Windy day, nature walk

Sunday we took the kids to the sand dune where the rope swing is, only this time we didn't arrive by boat. The breeze off the water was cool, but the kids still had fun swinging

Adeline found a cozy spot with Daddy up on the tree roots

We climbed up this small sand dune from the backside and reached the highest point, only to find a man with no shirt on sketching in a journal right there with us at the top. He's not in the picture

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The coldest Halloween in 6 years

This year Emma decided to be one of her favorite characters Pippi Longstocking. She loves that little swedish girl. I took the little ones to Barnes and Nobles Halloween storytime and Emma was the only one brave enough to stand by this "scary"pooh bear

On Halloween Day we went to the Naval Air museum's Halloween Spooktacular

Here is Emma in a F-14

Reece in the backseat( Goose, talk to me Goose)

Here is Reece and his best friend Jake at the Halloween party that evening, hot dogs for the kids and chili for the adults

Adeline dressed in layers, the night before it was 75 degrees out at 10pm, but this night it was 50.

Adeline and her best friend Abigail were both 2 yr old Cinderella's. I was Cleopatra and Rick went as one of the Northwest airline pilots who fell asleep. Thanks for the great idea Robin