Monday, February 4, 2013

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

 Reece had his first Pine Wood Derby Race in late January 2013.  He has been a cub scout now for exactly a year in Pack 10 with Ben Boyer as his leader and his best friend Jake as a buddy.  The den leader gives everyone a box containing a rectangle of wood and 4 wheels and you have to do the rest.

Rick took it upon himself to research strategies of winning , such as using dry lube on the wheels
and lifting up one wheel so the other three roll faster.  However, these " tricks" ended up backfiring during the race, when Reece's blue speedster kept hitting the walls instead of rolling straight.
Oh well, we'll know what to do better for next year.  He was a Tiger Scout last year and is a Wolf Scout this year.  He meets at the Sacred Heart Scout " hut" on Tuesday nights every week.

Here is Reece and Jake in between races.  The Saints car was the winner of every race, so they got to move on to the district races.