Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Another year another egg hunt thrown up at St. Paul's. This year, Rick wasn't the bunny, but he did help me stuff and hide eggs. Along with 10 boyscouts who were playing volleyball and got wrangled into hiding eggs.

Abby and Addie and their stash, Adeline you better give Abby some of your eggs

Hurray a GOLDEN EGG, only problem..... it was empty. I had hidden $1 bills inside the golden eggs and it looks like the boyscouts discovered that as well. So, poor Emma was shorted a dollar by a crappy boyscout.

Like a duck in water

Adeline started her first swimming lessons at the ripe old age of 4. Up until this time, she won't let Rick or I touch her, or try to help her learn how to swim. But, maybe sweet swim instructor Mr. John was gentle and reassuring.

Ok make waves everyone, I guess Mr. John could do this everyday and twice on Tuesday. He looks very bored

Adeline koala-beared him the entire time in the water

You can't tell here, but the water temperature was a cool 78 degrees and poor skinny , no fat on her bones, Adeline was shaking the whole time with blue lips, until the instructor took her to a hot water enema machine and turned it on full blast

See the fear in those little eyes, but don't worry Addie, Mr. John won't let anything happen to you

kick Adeline kick