Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Legends of the Falls

Ok, so when the summer started we never intended it would turn into the Grande Parrish Waterfall Excursion. But, that's exactly what happened. We landed in Portland in early June and were blown away with the 700 foot waterfall right off the highway. Of course it was raining and the mist from the falls didn't help. We were soaked instantly.

A nice stranger took our family picture, I just had to include this to show how darn wet it was

We thought that bridge behind us was old and unusable. Boy, were we wrong. The falls drop twice, first 700 ft, then 90 feet the second time. The bridge is suspended between the two drops. SCARY

Snoqualmie Falls was #2 and again, rainy..... This was a week later on our way to Seattle. There is a beautiful lodge right on the edge of the falls where my parents took Robin and I to an expensive buffet once as kids. I remember my mom, not letting us eat any breakfast, telling us we would fill up before we got there. Then in true Jackie form, I took like 5 plates of food, ate only 2 rolls and was done. I know my mom was ready to stone me to death with the rolls.

The construction was in the way of our beautiful wet family picture

Falls #3 was Taughgannock Falls in Ithaca, New York with my grandma

These are the sheer shale cliffs that Cornell students jump from

From the top of the falls lookout, a grouchy biker lady refused to take my picture with the kids. She hit the button on my camera that said"display" and when this picture above popped up, she said, " There's nothing wrong with this picture, whadda need another one for!" Then turns to her biker husband and says " I told you we shoulda come earlier before all these tourists showed up"

Ahhhh, Buttermilk Falls, a place right out of my childhood memories. The water rushing cold and clear off the rocks and swimming in the chilly pool below. Although from what I remember there was more water than this coming down.

The kids wanted to swim here, but it was already 7pm and we were flying home the next day

But not before we stopped In Buffalo to see #5 Niagara Falls

Looks kids Canada

Alright Grizzwold Family top that summer! On your first day of school kids when you write about what you did over the summer, think in syllables when pronouncing these Indian Waterfalls and tell everyone " In your face, my parents rule, we are the kings of the falls!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flying by the seat of our pants

So, I wake up 2 weeks ago with a wild hair and decide, we have nothing better to do than fly stand-by 1,000 miles to New York to see my grandmother who still lives alone, is 87, and can still make a mean crock pot meal and no bake cookies. So I hop on 2 planes with 3 kids, rent a car and drive 2 hours to Ithaca, New York to spend a few blissful days in the country. Thus concludes our summer of the waterfalls. Here is waterfall stop #4, Buttermilk Falls. Where as kids, Robin and I would swim in freezing cold water, running right off the mountainside.

Here is a 3 generation picture in Taughannock State Park. Waterfall stop #3, where grandma was spry enough to trek down the nature trail for almost a mile before stopping to habitat this log.

After the falls we went to the state park along Cayuga Lake and had clam rolls and hot dogs. Smother this baby in tartar sauce and call me Sally

Had to take a picture of the water temperature that is a far cry from the Gulf of Mexico bathtub water. Mommy, was too much of a baby to get in, but 3 kids who have no feeling in their skin, decided it was just right

The beach consisted of small shale rock pieces which was way different then the white sandy beaches of Pensacola and when Adeline got up covered in rocks all over her bum, I laughed

My cousin Randy, has 2 boys, Darren and Chase who are same ages as my kids. They are into Motorcross racing and very good at what they do. Here is Darren with his awesome hog, just driving off his very own racetrack, Randy had built next to their home that can be seen from space on google earth. When asked if he would like a motorcycle of his own, Reece replied, "No." But Emma said "Yea I do!"

At Taughgannock Park walking the mile back to the falls, you can climb off the trail and walk in the shale creek bed. As soon as Emma took her shoes off and stepped in the algae covered water, she fell flat on her back, soaking her entire backside and bum

The Falls are the tallest falls on the eastern United States. My grandmother loved telling us repeatedly how many students from Cornell University jump to their death every year off these cliffs. Emma just looked wide eyed up the tall cliffs and I quickly had to tell her Grandma is talking about some other waterfall and some other kids. Grandma, little pitchers have big ears, so be careful what you say.

Friday, August 6, 2010

When it's hot outside here's what we do.....

Have tea parties with our daddy. Dang camera getting foggy from the humidity, this picture was priceless
This is Adeline's 1st baby doll and by far her favorite, it's Magnetic Molly, with her magnet mouth that holds the binky

Time for rope swing action shots. This is the rope swing in full effect. When we found this sable palm, Rick had to have it. He had the men put it at this angle and then once the palm source knew we were putting it in for a swing, they made us sign a waiver saying, when the thing fell over into the pool, they warned us. Kinda like that old kids joke " If the log rolls over, we will all be dead!" We haven't used it ourselves yet, I guess no heffalumps allowed,

Adeline in her floatilla

Emma found out that FSU has a Spanish Web program at the college that involves rope swings and the circus. I guess we know where she'll be going when she graduates. Please come see her at Circe De Sole in Gay Paris, she's the one drapped in feathers, hanging upside down by her ankles spinning until she barfs or I barf.
Summertime friends: Even though the McDavid clan are my kids best friends, this summer it's been hard to find time to hang out. Only baby Anna-Kate is missing. We love you guys and can't wait to start carpooling again come fall.