Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney in November

We planned this trip months earlier and had been counting down the days until we got to see my sister and husband and her girls. Our kids love their cousins something crazy. Marjorie is Adeline's closest cousin in age and by far the one she gets along with the best. This was Marjorie's 2nd trip to Disneyworld, but she was too young to remember her 1st trip. Riding the tram thru the parking lot is part of the experience, so we loaded up 2 strollers and 5 kids and one pregnant Robin and off we went to the Magic Kingdom to start our Mickey adventure.

As soon as we ran through the park gates and into Main Street, a lady said " quick there is no wait for the princesses!" So, we grabbed the kids and dove into the princess holding pen. Come to find out the "no wait" had transformed into 30 minutes of standing around. Marjorie and Adeline can't contain themselves. Who is waiting right beyond those doors? Sleeping Beauty? Ariel? Belle? Let's see

Even though it was the 1st week of November, Disney was slowly becoming Christmasized. The kids loved all the decorations

The weather was perfect and the crowds unbelievably low. I can't tell you the last time I visited when the crowds were this low. This will definitely be a time when we will return again with the kids.

Marjories first trip in the race cars in Tomorrowland. It started raining half way through our car ride. Then while not paying attention I slammed into the back of Uncle Mark and Marj with Emma's car

Outside the Christmas shop in Frontierland

A huge Clydesdale prancing right down Main street

Emma and Daddy try on the Chip and Dale furry hats

Uncle Mark with all the girls in 1 teacup, they had just come from seeing the Princess Castle for lunch. Adeline was treated by her aunt robin to a once in a lifetime luncheon with the princesses.

Oh no it looks like Zurg has trapped some super cute aliens, "They've been chosen"

In downtown Disney the kids love to pose in front of anything Disney

Last trip to Disney when Reece was 5 he loved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and told everyone how it was his favorite ride at Disney. This trip however, was a different story. He screamed and cried the entire ride and was traumatized and violated for the rest of our trip. He was scared of everything then. He cried on Haunted Mansion and didn't want to go on a lot of things he had been on before. Poor Reecers

These pictures are out of sequence, but this was who was waiting behind closed doors for us in the front of Disney. She was the 1st person the kids saw that day.