Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spring Break Part 1

Since Emma has Spring Break during Easter and the little kids have spring break earlier.  We decided to do a little vacation for each break.  We drove to Tampa and Orlando for a few days and did Busch Gardens and the pool.
 In Sesame Street Town Adeline only felt comfortable on the little rides.  I had to force her onto this hippo ride.  She was too scared to go up the little hill.  Here she is nervous, as the hippo rounds the corner heading towards the " giant hill."  Thank God, it wasn't very crowded, because they only had 1 hippo going at a time.
 Oh, no Adeline here comes the hill!!!!!  And she was fine and even wanted to go again.
 Reece and Emma felt like being silly and climbed onto some non-moving animals in the little kids merry-go-round.  Here is Reece on a water buffalo.
 Busch Gardens tries to steal some of the Disney magic by transforming their plants into animal forms.  However, even though it was cool, we still love Epcot's gardens better.
Somehow we actually talked Reece and Emma onto the Sidewinder roller coaster.  It was like the old mouse trap type coasters that zig zag back and forth making it appear as if you are going to fall off the side.  I guess it was a little scarier than we thought.  When they hit the first hill, this was the picture of Reece trying to escape his fate and Emma screaming in terror.  We didn't buy the picture, but we should've.  The bottom picture is Rick at the Dublin Irish restaurant in Downtown Disney trying out a flight of Irish Beers.