Thursday, February 10, 2011

What we do when the weather is nice

Walk the neighborhood or as I refer to it, pushing the lazy heffalumps who are too big to be a stroller anymore
Go to the beach- this Sunday afternoon we headed to Navarre and let the kids just dig and play

Awww those girls just love their Dad

Adeline and her best friend Abigail at a birthday party. They managed to avoid all the birthday festivities except present opening time, just so they could become mothers and push babies around the house

Can you just see this girl as a teenager in a few years, headphones in, shades on and too cool for her parents

Monday, February 7, 2011

See you at the Tournament Danielson.....

The seven qualities that define Tae Kwon Do are shouted out loud at the beginning of every class. Honor.. Courtesy...Integrity...Perserverance...strength..courage...and knowledge.
Also, laughter...friendship...goofing...and hilariousness

Trying for her "forms" stripe. The red stripe that will forever be just out of her grasp

....going to live forever....knowing together ... that we did it all..for the glory of love

After days and days of practice and doing her forms with her Dad, she

apparently started on the wrong foot, thereby, finishing on the wrong foot.

I don't think Mr. Miaagi was ever this hard on a first time learner.

Listening to Mr. John the Dojo Master reveal Confucius's secret of life

After Emma tried for a stripe, Reece raised his hand, why, no one knows. He didn't know the steps, moves or routine. I think he just was caught up in the moment.