Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spirit in the Stands...Everybody clap your hands

 Emma's last year in St. Paul's, she joined the cheerleaders again.  She wasn't jazzed about it in Sixth grade and it was more a forced torture event, than something fun.  But, not this year.  Her good friend Emmy Chambers was the mascot, the St. Paul Spartan.
 This was the first year Emma has really enjoyed looking pretty, having long hair and getting gussied up like a teenager.  She got herself ready long before the games started.
 Most games were at 9am, played at Catholic High School.  The girls would perform during the game and then at half time during the big Spirit Weekend, they did a dance that was a choreographed.

Emma hated when she would have to come into the stands to cheer in front of the parents.   Their song went " Spirit in the stands, everybody clap your hands....and you were supposed to stand up.  But, not a lot of parents ever did.  I think I always embarrassed her.
 Emmy, Fiona, Jenna, Alyssa and Emma
 There were only 8 games and the season flew by so quickly.  All those blazing, hot days scorching in the stands, were gone before we knew it.  They had a Homecoming type game the last Saturday night in October and then everyone went to Sonny's Barbecue to celebrate the season.  Rick Simpson made a video of their season, both cheerleaders and football players.