Sunday, April 24, 2016

With every "First" comes a "Last"

When we started NB Cook Elementary we knew going in it was a magnet school for the arts.  The principal explained they had a drama teacher, Mrs. Odom, who actually worked with Julie Andrews on Mary Poppins.  Each year the children would be involved with two productions, a grade level production and a seasonal play.  

I knew these productions would be right up Emma's alley, but Reece was my shy, quiet lad.  Under the tutorage of Dr. Elliott the music teacher, who plays the piano and teaches the class the song they will sing in the play, and Mrs. Hayes the dance teacher, who guides the class to learn the dance they will perform, Reece over the years grew to enjoy the performances. 

Reece's first production was the seasonal fall production, where he was a vine and had to sing a song called, Swing Swing.
It's amazing to look back now 6 years later, and see the same faces standing next to Reece, only instead of pudgy, toddler faces, they are turning into young teen faces.  
The shy, little guy who barely opened his mouth to whisper out the lines and songs, has grown into a confident, young man, who even though he doesn't look forward to the productions, seems to have accepted that they exist and says his lines loudly and with spunk.
His last play at NB Cook was his 5th grade production in March, the Irish Heritage Play.
His class, Mrs. Coley's, represented the railway workers, and early 1800 towns people.  His last lines were, " the Transcontinental railroad connected east to west."  and his very last line ever spoken in a play at NB Cook was, " Work began in 1863."

Here is Reece with his best friends he made at Cook.  Six boys, Jake, Fin, Teddy, Tucker and Ira that call themselves " The Hex." Because, there were six of them.  All these little Irish lads will be parting ways at the end of this year, after being together since Kinder.  Seems that when the firsts happen, you are never quite ready for the lasts to happen.

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