Sunday, November 9, 2014

You are only a little girl once

When the invitation for an American Girl Doll Fashion Show arrived in our mail in September, I thought " how did I end up on this mailing list?" Then, I realized, I have a little girl and they want my money.  Even though it was in Gulfport, MS, I figured it would be a great opportunity for Abigail and Adeline to get together.  Angela was all for it, even though Issac would only be 3 weeks old.  I also called Adeline's little friend Molly O'Sullivan, who loves American Girl Dolls as much as Adeline.
So October 11, 2014 I set out for the 2.5 hour drive through 3 states to see some doll clothes.

When we arrived they had tables set up to buy clothes, enter raffles, have your picture taken and also have your dolls hair done.

Adeline and Abigail(7 yrs old) both picked the flip ponytail to have the lady do to the doll's hair.  Anna-Kate came along also, and Adeline brought her blond doll along for Anna-Kate to hold.

Fancy hair, fancy clothes, ready to head into the fashion show

Didn't realize we would be sitting at separate tables from Angela and Abigail.  We were in a corner near the front, while Angela was right near the catwalk.  There was a beautifully wrapped pink box for each person.  The decorations were beautiful with pink starts hanging from the ceiling and little pink cupcakes in the middle of the table.

Getting ready for the show to start
We dug into the pretty boxes and discovered our lunch.  Tiny cucumber sandwiches, a scone, cookies and other adorable foods.
Even the chairs were fancy
After the first half of the show, there was a brief intermission.  I took Abigail and Adeline up to t he catwalk to snap a few pictures, while there the director of the program, asked if our girls wanted to help with passing out the door prizes.  So, Molly, Abigail and Adeline all got to choose a number and then walk it to testable of the winning girl.
After the show was over we went up on stage and stood in front of the pretty star
The girls glammed it up and looked fierce

Adeline was bored most of the show as, it was girls carrying dolls dressed in outfits for 2 hours.  But, had fun with her best friend and as a treat for helping with the door prizes, the girls were allowed 5 minutes to walk the catwalk with their dolls for the audience.

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